The name Gilkisons has been synonymous with the Perth dancing scene since 1931.

Many innovations were pioneered by Gilkisons Dance Studio, such as:

  • Teaching at high school and primary school level
  • Televised teaching and presentations
  • Learning to dance socially with out having to complete exams or medals
  • Producing the Festival of Perth championships and other international dancing events at the Entertainment Centre

Gilkisons has helped lift the old-fashioned stigma of social dancing by playing newer music, having a modern lighting and sound system, a fully licensed bar and air conditioning throughout the premises.

Gilkisons is still the only venue in the city in which Latin and Ballroom social dancing is taught.

If you wish to learn and enjoy dancing, look no further, over 2 million clients since 1931 says it all. The staff employed are some of the most talented and highly qualified dance teachers in Australia.

“That certain magic feeling can only be, when two people dance to a rhythm as one.”

Sam Gilkison MBE, Founder